2010 in our review mirror

We were reminded by a dear friend’s recent Facebook Post about all that can be accomplished in 12 short months.  So, we have decided to remind everyone about what has taken place at ZoeyStory in 2011.  A very hearty thanks to all who helped us!  There is no way we could have done this without you!

Happy 2011

  • Developed a mission statement, by-laws and board of directors for both ZoeyStory and Protected Paws.
  • Set up a non-profit organization called Protected Paws, Inc.
  • Created websites for both ZoeyStory and Protected Paws
  • Website development of ZoeyStory Blog & Protected Paws Site

    Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

  • ZoeyStory Facebook site has received close to 19,000 views with close to 5,000 fans.
  • Our blog has received 16,335 (and counting) views – check out our regular viewers map.
  • We are rapidly growing our Twitter followers, who currently number 327.
  • Speaking of followers, we got a shout out from P!NK on Puppy Mill Awareness Day in September which was so appreciated and exposed countless new friends to our website and Twitter feed.

ZoeyStory Hits

  • We donated 320 pounds of food to local animal shelters.
  • We donated 3 large boxes filled with pet toys, collars, leashes, pet beds, treats, chews and blankets.
  • We were able to prevail in our first case representing a fellow New Yorker wronged by a pet store with the help of attorney Cari Rincker in upholding the New York State Puppy Lemon Law.
  • We had runners in the NYC Marathon wearing Operation ZoeyStory T-Shirts.
  • We got a theme song….find it here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBR9q7lYJvo&feature=player_embedded
  • We turned in a fraudulent non-profit to the appropriate authorities in its home state and continue to hope that it will be prosecuted to the highest degree in 2011.
  • We participated in “Bark for Life” in Riverside Park, NYC, where we handed out educational information and 500 bundles of doggie biodegradable waste bags.  We also met tons of great supporters and other likeminded animal lovers.
  • We worked with an amazing group of puppy mill conscious pet lovers on the Upper West Side in support of the successful campaign to close a local pet store selling dogs directly from puppy mills.
  • We continued to educate the public on puppy mills, pet store purchases and responsible dog adoption.

We are so excited about 2011 and beyond and are more convinced than ever that the general public is becoming increasingly aware of the menace of puppy mills and is mobilizing to support broad adoption of enforceable standards that ensure the good health of moms, dads and puppies alike.  We will continue to do our part in moving this campaign forward and welcome new and old friends to this meaningful fight.

Zoey turns 2 in a few weeks and is happier and healthier than ever.  She attacks every day with vigor and a curious spirit; we often say that Zoey is making the most of her second chance at life.  The joy she and her big sister Abby bring us every day (well, almost every day) is reason enough to continue pushing to make sure no other dogs come into the world the same way she did, or are born with such significant health problems that they have to go through what she did.

Thanks again to all of our two and four-legged friends and supporters!   Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy 2011.

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