Abby on her own

Leslie and I had a long conversation last night about why it might actually be OK for Abby to stay here without her while she and Zoey are on their mission. Although this morning wasn’t easy for Abby (we had to put her back in the house while the three of us left for the airport), she handled it well although she was so happy to see me that she almost knocked me over when I got back from the airport. LOL. As usual, she’s got a flossie in her mouth that she will only eat on her own time. But now, it’s like the old, pre-Zoey days — she doesn’t have to worry about someone else stealing it from her. She’s just chilling on the floor next to me with the flossie next to her.
In a way, the symbolism of just Zoey returning to the city and state where she was born and hopefully being reunited with her mom and dad is certainly smile inducing. And it might just be better for her to experience that by herself, without the big sister around that she equal parts loves and torments.
I hope that Zoey and her mom are able to in some way recognize one another after Leslie saves her tomorrow — that would be wonderful symmetry.

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