ADOPT a dog this holiday season!

christmas-puppy It’s that time of year again!  People are flocking into pet stores to buy adorable puppies for their loved ones as holiday gifts.  PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!  If you’re already on our site reading this, we’re assuming you wouldn’t dare buy a puppy in a pet store – but I’m sure you know someone who would!  Please spread the word… at work, at the gym, at your parent group, wherever!  Let people know that buying a puppy in a pet store means two things – 1. the puppy was bred in a puppy mill and may have some underlying health issues.. and 2. by purchasing the puppy in a pet store you are supporting puppy mills by funding their inhumane practices.  If you know of anyone wanting a puppy this holiday season (or any time!) PLEASE contact us!  We will be more than happy to find a puppy in a shelter or rescue who needs a loving home.  We will even do our very best to find puppies of specific breeds/sizes/colors etc.! 

Also, please consider adopting an adult dog.  There are millions of adult dogs waiting for loving homes.  A cute puppy is only cute until he or she is chewing on your new shoes and peeing on your bed!  Adult dogs are already trained and housebroken! 

Happy Holidays!!!

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