Arkansas puppy mill dogs abandoned and left for dead – No Arrest?

Check out a recent discovery just outside of Waldron, Arkansas in Scott County.  A woman who at one point had a puppy mill decided to just abandon those dogs and one cat.  She indicated that she was checking on the dogs every 4 days to bring them food and water.

Dogs left abandoned, hungry and thirsty

However, there was NO running water on her property and the dogs were without food and fighting with one another to get to the food brought by the Sebastian County Humane Society.  The Sebastian County Humane Society rescued 18 dogs all of which were in poor health with many suffering from blindness, cherry-eye and ulcers.  Investigators also found 2 dead dogs and 4 skulls.

Home or Hell?

My concern is that this woman has not been arrested (that I am aware of as of today).  The woman in the story above “only” had 18 dogs at her facility yet the details of her willful neglect are still unfathomably horrible.  Yet, where is the arrest?  Where is the justice for these animals that cannot speak for themselves?

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