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3rd Annual Adopted Abby Gives Back Fundraiser

DONATE HERE It is Abby’s 8th Adoption Day! Time flies when you’re having fun and enjoying your four legged friends – August 2nd marked the 8th anniversary of the day we adopted Abby! In honor of Abby’s Adoption Day, we are organizing our THIRD ANNUAL Adopted Abby Gives Back Fundraiser! You can donate HERE! 100% […]

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Suffolk County Passes Puppy Mill Bill

Congratulations to Suffolk County for being the first in New York to make it more difficult for pet stores to sell animals from puppy mills.  You can find the new law here but I am going to go over some of the highlights.  Not only does the bill enlarge cage size and require suitable care […]

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Hurricane Preparedness for your Furry Family

For those living in the Northeast, we know that you all have been rushing around to get flashlights, non-perishables, bottled water, fuel and batteries as Hurricane Sandy threatens millions.  As you hear about evacuation plans and hurricane preparedness we wanted to make sure that you also make proper preparations for your pets.  It is estimated […]

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Adopted Abby Gives Back

Our longtime readers are well aware of Zoey, whose first few months of life are the whole reason behind Protected Paws and ZoeyStory.  For those newer to our blog and story, please read back through the archives to learn more about this wonderful little dog.  However, this post is going to focus on Zoey’s older […]

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Happy Birthday Zoey

In honor of Zoey’s 3rd birthday today, here are some of the things about little Z that I want to share with our loyal readers: 1. It’s a miracle that she’s even around to celebrate her b-day 2. She loves (and loves to torment) her big sister, Adopted Abby  3. When we purchased her, we […]

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From the Beginning…The Abbreviated Version

Zoey’s Story could not be more grateful to both the local NBC affiliate, WNBC, the Humane Society of the United States and the website Gothamist for doing a story this past week on pet stores in Manhattan, specifically focusing on the fact that the puppies these stores sell come from puppy mills, despite what the owners […]

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