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Hurricane Preparedness for your Furry Family

For those living in the Northeast, we know that you all have been rushing around to get flashlights, non-perishables, bottled water, fuel and batteries as Hurricane Sandy threatens millions.  As you hear about evacuation plans and hurricane preparedness we wanted to make sure that you also make proper preparations for your pets.  It is estimated […]

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Adopted Abby Gives Back

Our longtime readers are well aware of Zoey, whose first few months of life are the whole reason behind Protected Paws and ZoeyStory.  For those newer to our blog and story, please read back through the archives to learn more about this wonderful little dog.  However, this post is going to focus on Zoey’s older […]

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Happy 5th Birthday/Adoption Day ABBY!

It was five years ago TODAY that I adopted Abby (lil’ Zoey’s sister) from the Sebastian County Humane Society.  It was one of the most momentous days in my life.  For the small price of $80 I found my best friend.  When I first saw Abby, she was a large, matted, black and gray scruffy […]

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Congrats on being the first….now are the owners going to be charged?

Seventy-three dogs including Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, American Eskimos, Poodles, Beagles, Papillons and Brussels Griffons were rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri on Thursday, July 14th in Monett (Lawrence County) Missouri. This will be the first puppy mill put out of business since the new Canine Prevention Cruelty Act. Missouri’s Attorney General, Chris Koster, […]

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A true testament of animal loyalty amid Japan’s rubble

Stories like this one remind me of the absolute loyalty and true friendship one can find from an animal. My friend, Jed, forwarded this to me and it brought me to to tears. Since the men commenting on what they’re seeing are speaking Japanese, I obviously don’t know exactly what they’re saying but one doesn’t […]

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Bissell MVP Most Valuable Pet Photo Contest

Zoey has been entered into the contest! Visit this website: Bissel MVP to learn more and be sure to vote for Zoey! Each Wednesday marks the beginning of the new entry and voting periods for the week so be sure to vote for Zoey for each voting period. The top pets each week move on to the […]

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