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Suffolk County Passes Puppy Mill Bill

Congratulations to Suffolk County for being the first in New York to make it more difficult for pet stores to sell animals from puppy mills.  You can find the new law here but I am going to go over some of the highlights.  Not only does the bill enlarge cage size and require suitable care […]

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More Insanity in Toombs County, GA

During our investigation of Alice, the “dog in the box” we’ve written about twice recently, we came to learn of a different problem in Toombs County, Georgia that also demanded our attention.  On January 20th 2011, ALL OF THE DOGS (approximately 77) at the Lyons Animal Control were euthanized in one day without prior notice.  […]

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Can you help Alice – the dog in the box???

We were horrified to read about Alice, a 6-year old female Pit Bull from Toombs County, Georgia. She came to the attention of rescuers in January after they found her living in a small, disgusting box, completely disregarded by a man who told authorities that he was taking care of the dog for his son-in-law […]

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To all of our Fans around the world we say….

THANK YOU! Represented below is how we want to say thank you to all our fans around the world in your native language.  Our sincerest thank-you’s as today ZoeyStory on Facebook reached 5,000 fans (or likes)!  This has been a goal for ZoeyStory and Protected Paws for quite some time so we wanted to say […]

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Bissell MVP Most Valuable Pet Photo Contest

Zoey has been entered into the contest! Visit this website: Bissel MVP to learn more and be sure to vote for Zoey! Each Wednesday marks the beginning of the new entry and voting periods for the week so be sure to vote for Zoey for each voting period. The top pets each week move on to the […]

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The Schindlers — Part 3 and a Call to Action

So, hopefully you’ve read Parts 1 and 2 about Herman and Bonnie Schindler, owners of the puppy mill that is closing and auctioning off its dogs starting tomorrow -YES TOMORROW!  The details about the auction are here.  Close to 700 dogs are for sale (this number does not include puppies).  If you live nearby MO […]

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