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Suffolk County Passes Puppy Mill Bill

Congratulations to Suffolk County for being the first in New York to make it more difficult for pet stores to sell animals from puppy mills.  You can find the new law here but I am going to go over some of the highlights.  Not only does the bill enlarge cage size and require suitable care […]

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From the Beginning…The Abbreviated Version

Zoey’s Story could not be more grateful to both the local NBC affiliate, WNBC, the Humane Society of the United States and the website Gothamist for doing a story this past week on pet stores in Manhattan, specifically focusing on the fact that the puppies these stores sell come from puppy mills, despite what the owners […]

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Billboard informing CT residents of their rights banned!

Westport Coalition Against Puppy Mills (WCAPM) advocates for dogs like Zoey. WCAPM recently put up a billboard on the side of a bus stop shelter located in Westport, CT which simply read, “Pet $tore Puppies are Puppy Mill Puppies.  Recover your vet bills under Connecticut’s Lemon Law.” ZoeyStory has learned that billboard was recently ordered taken down […]

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Schindler’s List – Part I (yes there is more)

It has come to my attention that there is a rather large dog auction (okay gigantic) occurring in Missouri next weekend. I checked into this auction only to find that they will be auctioning off approximately 690+ dogs (this estimate does not include the puppies as they are not allowed to be auctioned off prior […]

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An In-Depth Look at What’s Going On In Pennsylvania

This article does an excellent job of summarizing the work that animal rights organizations are doing in Pennsylvania, home to many of the U.S.’ puppy mills. The focus is largely on Main Line Animal Rescue a group that is at the center of the effort to compel officials to better enforce the laws the state […]

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Just like a mill….er…pill?

Here at Zoey Story and Protected Paws we wanted to recognize Puppy Mill Awareness Day and with it an enormous thanks and shout-out to PINK for helping to educate the public on the horrors of large-scale dog breeding facilities AKA Puppy Mills. Last week, she tweeted against puppy mills and the pet stores that profit […]

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