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Suffolk County Passes Puppy Mill Bill

Congratulations to Suffolk County for being the first in New York to make it more difficult for pet stores to sell animals from puppy mills.  You can find the new law here but I am going to go over some of the highlights.  Not only does the bill enlarge cage size and require suitable care […]

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From the Beginning…The Abbreviated Version

Zoey’s Story could not be more grateful to both the local NBC affiliate, WNBC, the Humane Society of the United States and the website Gothamist for doing a story this past week on pet stores in Manhattan, specifically focusing on the fact that the puppies these stores sell come from puppy mills, despite what the owners […]

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Congrats on being the first….now are the owners going to be charged?

Seventy-three dogs including Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, American Eskimos, Poodles, Beagles, Papillons and Brussels Griffons were rescued by the Humane Society of Missouri on Thursday, July 14th in Monett (Lawrence County) Missouri. This will be the first puppy mill put out of business since the new Canine Prevention Cruelty Act. Missouri’s Attorney General, Chris Koster, […]

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Missouri Puppy Mill Legislation Update – Compromise???

The overhaul of Proposition B is now officially law in the state of Missouri. Governor Jay Nixon signed two bills yesterday.  Bills S.B. 113 and S.B 161 did the following: Maximum fee for operating certain dog facilities was $500 per year and this has increased to a maximum of $2500 per year.  Additional the licensee […]

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Billboard informing CT residents of their rights banned!

Westport Coalition Against Puppy Mills (WCAPM) advocates for dogs like Zoey. WCAPM recently put up a billboard on the side of a bus stop shelter located in Westport, CT which simply read, “Pet $tore Puppies are Puppy Mill Puppies.  Recover your vet bills under Connecticut’s Lemon Law.” ZoeyStory has learned that billboard was recently ordered taken down […]

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2010 in our review mirror

We were reminded by a dear friend’s recent Facebook Post about all that can be accomplished in 12 short months.  So, we have decided to remind everyone about what has taken place at ZoeyStory in 2011.  A very hearty thanks to all who helped us!  There is no way we could have done this without […]

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