Happy Birthday Zoey

In honor of Zoey’s 3rd birthday today, here are some of the things about little Z that I want to share with our loyal readers:

1. It’s a miracle that she’s even around to celebrate her b-day

2. She loves (and loves to torment) her big sister, Adopted Abby 

3. When we purchased her, we were told she was a pure-bred Coton de Tulear.  She’s actually a poodle mix.

4. She looks and acts just like her dad — facially, body type, disposition


5. Say the word “treat” or “flossie” and she’ll come running

I love antlers!

6. She may even try to eat your finger if you’re holding a treat or piece of food she finds particularly appealing

7. She works even harder to get love from people who are uncomfortable around dogs

8. Her big tail is always wagging.

9. She’s LAZY.  Even though she’s a pretty good jumper, she’d much rather be picked up.  

10. She doesn’t like car rides at all, which we think is an outgrowth of the trip from hell she was forced to endure from Missouri to New York when she was a puppy

11. She’s willful — listens only when she wants to, even though she hears everything and if she’s in trouble, comes right away

12. She’ll lay in your arms or lap like a baby if you’ll let her

13. She often stretches out on the floor like a cat

14. She watches the TV endlessly, often barking at dogs, animals or cartoons she finds offensive (we’re trying to break her of this habit but it’s tough) Zoey loves Reality TV!

And last but not least…

15. She hates puppy mills and the pet stores that profit from selling dogs that come from them.


We could go on and on with traits about Zoey but will stop here.  We hope every dog owner stops once in a while and thinks about all the wonderful qualities their dogs have and the joy they bring to the house.  We are all blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives.

And please join us in wishing Little Z a Happy 3rd Birthday!  We’re so thankful she’s still with us and it’s our honor to be able to tell her story.

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