I am the puppy mill

Puppy Mill

Puppy Mill

Hi there!  I am a puppy mill in Missouri.
If you want to watch a video taken of a Puppy Mill, click here

It’s me.  I am the EXACT puppy mill where little Zoey was born.  I breed tons of different breeds of different dogs here.  The mothers  who give birth pups here are bred over and over again as fast as possible for profit.  Some of them are artificially inseminated by the breeder.  Some of the mothers are given c-sections time and time again in order to get the puppies.  This mill houses dogs in sundowners where the bottoms of the cages are like chicken wire.  The dogs must stand on this and eliminate on top of each other like this at times.  My sole purpose as a puppy mill is profit and is not hobby breeding.  I breed puppies so I can ship them off to a big city like NYC, Las Vegas or Los Angeles and make a huge profit when you see me in the window.  The profit made on me would have been about $1,000.  But, we fought back.  You see, any profits these pet stores make go right back to their pocket and to buying more dogs from puppy mills thus increasing this insidious practice.  I know you are wondering how in God’s name I learned all this information about my little dog, Zoey.  Well, it took a lot of time, patience, luck and a great amount of love from people who truly care about animals.  I am looking for more of those people out there.

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