1:34 AM – I cannot sleep. I just keep thinking about the puppy mill/dog auction on Friday and Saturday. I just hope that Zoey’s parents are not going to bring a ton of money as a ton of money we don’t have. I just have this fear that some puppy miller in overalls or something is going to get the Dad because we don’t have enough money to buy both him and her. And God, if there is any dog there that is sick or troubled I am going to have to take it. I can’t handle not to. What am I going to do? I am going to be around hundreds of animals, trapped in steamy cages and all of those dogs are going to look me right in the eye. I know I can’t save them all (that is unless I win this upcoming NY Lottery Mega Millions which reminds me to buy tickets manana.) but just to sit there and watch these helpless animals get auctioned off to people that are going to breed the shit out of them drives me insane. Everyone pray for the mega millions!!!

I had a disturbing talk with my mother who has now informed that Zoey will not even know her mother or father. Okay, so I assumed the father but I was hopeful that maybe, just maybe the mother might be able to smell one of her litter or vice versa. But, I am probably just dreaming. Regardless, our hope is to get these two Coton de Tulear’s out of this puppy mill and into a real home and quickly. I don’t know who that somebody is yet, but I am sure they are out there.

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