Just a taste of Zoey’s background

As many of you know I bought Zoey from a pet store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan called Raising Rover and Baby. I was promised that Zoey was bred locally (untrue) and was not from a puppy mill (false). I do have the evidence to back this up. However, what I continue to find more disturbing is the continuous ads this store is pushing for its puppies online. One website had over 110puppies posted for them. This is ridiculous and this store needs to be stopped. What is even more disturbing is this statement taken directly from their ad:

“I am a real person in new york city with real puppies, this is not an internet purchase from a puppy farmer….”

Really? Really? So why did my puppy come from Missouri when you said she came from NY? And more importantly where in God’s name are you keeping all these dogs you are selling online if this is NOT an internet purchase and you are not buying from puppy mills? I decided to do a random check today and they currently have puppy ads up on the following sites: 1. hoobly.com 2. olx.com 3. backpage.com 4. villagevoice.com 5. puppyfind.com 6. mobile.domesticsale.com 7. puplistings.com (in which you changed your name…good job) 8. wagstreet.com 9. petsads.com 10. freedoglistings.com 11. k9stud.com 12. dogbreederdirectory.com 13. breedinfocenter.com 14. dogalot.netfirms.com Come on, lets be honest with ourselves. You are an internet purchaser and you do get your dogs from puppy mills. Quit trying to make money off these puppies and stick to your retail business. Stop lying to customers and quit making false reviews for yourself on places like citysearch and yelp.

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