Making plans for a trip back home

So when I lived in the South/Midwest I had no idea it was the Puppy Mill capital of the world.

It wasn’t something anybody ever talked about really.  Now there were a multitude of dogs/puppies always for sale in the paper.  BUT, you will find that in any local or national newspaper.  I realized my first dog, Lady, came from a hobby breeder.  They only had collies and had one litter at a time.  I had asked for a collie my entire life since I knew how to write.  I kept sending letter off to Santa for years always with my #1 being a Lassie Dog or Collie (as I got older).  I finally got one when my parents realized after about 7 years that this obsession with a dog would not go away and I was relentless.  So, I got my first dog, Lady.  God, I miss her so much.  I was just a kid and wish so much she could have lived longer but I am happy to report that she lived a long life and was in absolutely no pain when she went to Dog Heaven.  We had no decisions to make as she died naturally in her sleep.

This trip back home is for much more different reasons.  In a way it is a different reason.  I am going home to visit my dog, visit my parents, visit my home (that is still not occupied).  But, I am also going to visit some puppy mills while I am there.  Even writing that scares me.  I have so much more to tell but I can’t right now.  Just trust me on this one.  I have seen enough puppy mills online that hopefully I am able to see them without crying or hurting anyone.  Trust there will be many, many posts in the future as the trip works its way out.

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