A recurring theme in our blog posts is the need for legislative and regulatory oversight to force puppy mills to finally make the necessary changes.  But those in positions of power also have to hit the millers where it really counts: the pocketbook.

Taking a bite out of puppy mills profits????

As we’ve seen, mills can be extremely lucrative, between the low cost of breeding / caring for animals (at least when regulators are looking the other way) and sliding between the tax cracks.  But a few enterprising states are finally cracking down.   Check out what the state of Indiana is doing along these lines: The state’s Attorney General is seeking restitution from puppy mills for unpaid taxes, even going so far as to shut them down by seizing their dogs against the monies the millers owe.  Forbes recently did a fabulous article on it that you can find here.

Go Hoosiers!!  Hopefully, efforts like these, in tandem with better enforcement of mills’ conditions, the eventual crackdown on pet stores and continual education of the public about the truth behind mills and the benefits of adoption will work.  In the meantime, every little bit counts.

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