Rally for Alice!

The situation for Alice has not changed.   A Peaceful Rally has been planned on Wednesday, March 16th from 4:00-5:30 PM at the Toombs County Courthouse.

100 Courthouse Square
Lyons, GA


The goal of this rally is to voice your  concerns over Alice and urge Judge John Matheson to follow the law he promised to protect and sign a warrant for a hearing to determine if Delois Hayward is guilty of animal cruelty or neglect.   

As a reminder the dog whose owner refers to her as “it” lived in a disgusting, filthy box for 6 years since she was a puppy.  She slept, stepped,  lived and ate around 6 years of built up feces in a tiny 5 x 8 box made of rotting wood.  
We want to encourage everyone to continue to contact officials in Toombs County!  We were ecstatic to find out that Doug Eaves, the County Manager received over 4500 emails in one day regarding Alice.  Please continue to voice your concerns over the way this dog was treated, the killing of 77 dogs in one day at the Lyons Animal Shelter and this administration’s relaxed attitude towards animal welfare.

Sign the petition

Alice’s Legal Fund

Once again, here’s the list of the officials in Toombs Co. to contact and voice your concerns over the way this dog was treated and their relaxed attitude towards animal welfare.

Mr. Doug Eaves, County Manager
P.O. Box 112
Lyons, Georgia 30436-0112
Phone:  912-526-3311

Magistrate Court of Toombs County
Chief Magistrate John “Chip” Matheson
147 Jerry Avenue
Lyons, GA, 30436
Phone: 912 -526- 8984
Fax: 912-526-8985
Email:  chipmatheson@yahoo.com

Lyons City Mayor’s Office

257 North State Street
Lyons, GA 30436-1364
Phone:  (912) 526-8606 ‎

Sheriff Alvie Lee Knight, Jr.
Phone:  912-526-6778
Hayward Altman, District Attorney
101 S Main St # 2
Swainsboro, GA 30401
Phone:  (478) 237-7846
Paul Threlkeld, Solicitor General
P.O. BOX 1346
Vidalia, GA 30475
Phone: (912) 537-2354
Fax: (912) 537-0900

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