Schindler’s List – Part I (yes there is more)

It has come to my attention that there is a rather large dog auction (okay gigantic) occurring in Missouri next weekend. I checked into this auction only to find that they will be auctioning off approximately 690+ dogs (this estimate does not include the puppies as they are not allowed to be auctioned off prior to 8 weeks).

I pulled the USDA Health Inspection Report(s) and let me give you a few of the highlights of the Shindler’s latest inspection on 07/09/2010.

* Indicates – Repeat non-compliant item = This kennel was not compliant on March 8, 2010 and November 9, 2009.  This current inspection was 7/13/2010.  Um, enforcement…anyone?  I know they are low on inspectors but clearly they had enough evidence to shut this place down.

*The following animals are in need of veterinary care:

  • Shi Tzu female – Limping at the time of inspection.  Her right hind foot has hair loss with small holes and discharge present in the area.

Fly-Strike or Myasis 👿

  • Silky Terrier male – Hair loss and scabs on his back
  • Husky female – has black material on her tips that could be “fly strike”.  Don’t know what fly strike is?  Here is a quick lesson.  Flies love dead, rotting material and will lay their eggs in it.  The eggs develop into larvae/maggots that need to eat and will feast on rotting tissue.  If left untreated death may occur in 3-5 days.
  • Silky Terrier female– Her left eye is opaque and roughened on the surface.  The eye has a cloudy appearance, red vessels are extending out onto the surface
  • Golden Retriever Male – Both ears are painfully thickened with a strong odor and discharge.  A small puncture wound with blood is present on his left cheek.  He is very thing with little to no flesh covering his ribs, backbone and hips.

*Overgrown nails and Matted Fur:  The nails are overgrown and starting to curl over, in some cases the nails are SO OVERGROWN THEY CAUSE THE ANIMALS TOES TO TURN SIDEWAYS!

Overgrown toenails 🙁

There were 10 dogs (all Yorkies) matted hair on their backs, chest and/or legs.  Matted hair is painful to dogs and can lead to skin infections.

Matted Yorkie in the UK - owner fined and spent 12 weeks in jail 😡


  • Accumulation of hair and old, dry feces
  • Dogs heads, legs and feet can pass through the gaps in cages
  • Dog doors are excessively soiled with brown colored dirt and grime.
  • Standing water that is yellow/brown in color and sometimes has green material growing in it that includes fecal matter and old wet food are present.  In some areas the liquid is deep enough that the facility representative’s boot was submerged to his ankle
  • Area on the ground outside of the “Pug Building” (yes they have buildings per breed) that is 18 feet by 6 feet has an accumulation of waste, water, hair, feces and other material that is brown to green in color.

To be continued as right now this is really all Zoey and I can muster to write.

Woof (with a heavy heart) Z~

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