Schindler’s List – Part II

Unfortunately there is a Part II to Schindler’s List. I have reviewed the latest inspection report from 07/14/10 and summarized it below.  You can see the facts for yourself directly from the inspection report found here.  FYI, the * seen throughout the report indicates repeat violations from previous inspections done in March 2010 and November 2009.

Meet Zoey's father, Corkie, who lived on wire at a puppy mill in MO


  • Not enough space for the dogs, not counting the puppies, to make normal postural adjustments and avoid their own feces (we will get into this in our next blog as I think it deserves its own longer discussion)*
  • 54 puppies were observed by inspectors with their feet or legs dropped down through openings in wire mesh flooring.  Puppies that were less than one week old had to step foot on gaps in the floor that were 6 x 6 inches.*
  • 3 female dogs and 19 puppies (some only a few days old) were left outside to whelp
  • A trench outside the Yorkie building that was 3 feet wide, 30 feet long and 3 feet deep is filled with brown/green water (isn’t this some type of environmental concern)*
  • Dog doors were excessively soiled with brown colored dirt and grime*
  • Large areas of standing water with a strong odor and that was yellow/brown in color with green material growing in it was present at the following buildings:  Poodle Building, Pug Building, Cheese Boxes, White Boxes, Shih Tzu Row, Pekingese Row, Bichon Row, Papillion Row and behind the Basset High Rise.  (Of note, I try not to think of what the Basset High Rise looked like!)*

*Cleaning & Sanitation

  • At least 9 water receptacles had green colored water and algae growing in it*
  • At least 16 food receptacles were excessively rusted preventing required cleaning*
  • At least 3 food receptacles were excessively chewed and or soiled with dirt, grime and/or feces*
  • Excessive flies were present in the Silky Building around the White Boxes and Pekingese Row*


  • At the time of the report, there were 12 full-time employees (some elderly mind you – my notation, not the USDA) for 1000 dogs.  This was an improvement over the March 2010 report with only 10 employees for the 1000 dogs.*
  • Even with the 12 full-time employees nobody was present to allow access to inspect the kennels on both 06/15/2010 and 06/16/2010.*  Hmmm, I wonder what those 12 full-time employees were doing?

Woof  Z*

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  1. zoeystory
    Posted October 27, 2010 at 1:33 pm | Permalink

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for your comment. I was thinking about this last night. With the big vote on Proposition B just around the corner why do you think the Schindler’s decided to get out now. I mean this sale has only brought more attention to Proposition B and puppy mills. You would think that for the sake of those against Proposition B they would have at least waited till after the vote….thoughts???


  2. Sarah
    Posted October 27, 2010 at 1:28 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for this insight – 1000 dogs? that’s 1000 reasons to vote YES on Prop B!

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