Second Chance

2nd Chance????

We at ZoeyStory are curious as to why President Obama chose to publicly state his opinion that he’s happy that Michael Vick is making the most of his second chance. We understand that the primary purpose of his call to the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles was to thank him for making the team’s new stadium completely energy efficient but don’t understand why he felt the need to wade into something so divisive.

Mr. President, with all due respect, your time and energy is better spent elsewhere. Michael Vick’s current status has nothing to do with giving a convicted felon “who paid for his crimes an opportunity to contribute to society again.” We all know that Vick wouldn’t have gotten a second chance if he wasn’t so physically gifted. It’s also important to remember that he is making everyone (the team, league, networks) a ton of money right now.

Mr. President, the average median salary of someone living in Philadelphia is around $36,000. Michael Vick is making $5.25 million dollars this year plus a roster bonus and endorsements. I wish you would have taken the time to focus on another recently paroled convicted felon who would be a more realistic picture of those being released from prison. That individual would find it much harder to find such great success in his second chance, let alone return to celebrity status. Vick has done so because he has a strong arm and fast legs, not because he has shown contrition for his actions.

Mr. President I ask you to please focus on more pressing issues. As a reminder some of these include the following: economy, reducing our national debt, unemployment, fixing entitlements, finding a better solution in Afghanistan, comprehensive immigration reform, and figuring a path to making America more energy efficient.

By the way, we do NOT agree with Tucker Carlson’s stance that Vick should have been put to death for his actions. The justice system rendered its verdict and Vick lived up to his obligations, both during and subsequent to his incarceration.

We at ZoeyStory are firm believers in second chances but do not support the current lionization of Mr. Vick due solely to his great year on the gridiron. We want to see him find lasting success on and off the field before passing judgment. Let’s hope the press and public keep a balanced view that also remembers the heinous acts he perpetrated on defenseless animals for many years and continue to hold him under a microscope for what he says and does now and in the future.

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  1. admin
    Posted December 31, 2010 at 3:01 pm | Permalink

    Could not agree more Maria! I think tossing them into the death pit was putting it nicely. He tortured & executed dogs who had a bad game day. No second chances for those dogs but plenty for him. I wonder how they will react when he has a bad game day? Thanks for your comments. Woof! Z~

  2. Maria Whittle
    Posted December 31, 2010 at 6:35 am | Permalink

    I agree that the President has far more pressing issues to talk about than Vick getting a second chance. However, I am sick that the President, the NFL, the Eagles, and many people think that Vick ‘did his time’ and deserves to get his multi million dollar job back.

    Vick admitted to bankrolling a dog-fighting ring…that is what he did his time for. He did not admit to the horrific murders of many of the dogs, OR of tossing family pets into the death pit! If he had, he would still be in prison and no one would be interested in giving him a ‘second chance.’ He plea bargained, which is his right, and it’s our judicial system, which I respect, but that is all I respect with regard to this issue.

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