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A Different Kind of Adoption Story

Not all pet adoptions are created equal. While most are people walking into a shelter, pound or other animal organization to pick out the animal of their choice, there are others that don’t fit easily into a box.  This article is one of the most heart-warming we’ve read in quite some time and is a […]

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10 Reasons Not To Buy a Pet Store Puppy

Behavior Problems Anyone? Puppy Mills are widely frowned upon by most dog-lovers but what many people across the country do not realize is that buying a dog at a pet store can mean that they are actually buying puppies that come from puppy mills. Buying a puppy at a pet store runs the risk of […]

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Inspectors and the Puppy Marketplace, Part II

After reading the BBB report and having been to a puppy auction last summer where I actually spoke with a USDA inspector, I wanted to learn more about the people who are tasked with being the main players in the enforcement of USDA rules and regulations set forth in the Animal Welfare Act. Interestingly, state […]

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ADOPT a dog this holiday season!

 It’s that time of year again!  People are flocking into pet stores to buy adorable puppies for their loved ones as holiday gifts.  PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!  If you’re already on our site reading this, we’re assuming you wouldn’t dare buy a puppy in a pet store – but I’m sure you know someone who […]

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I am the puppy mill

Hi there!  I am a puppy mill in Missouri. If you want to watch a video taken of a Puppy Mill, click here It’s me.  I am the EXACT puppy mill where little Zoey was born.  I breed tons of different breeds of different dogs here.  The mothers  who give birth pups here are bred […]

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