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Let’s find Alice her Wonderland – UPDATE !!!

Here’s an update on Alice.  Special thanks to Kara Blackburn for providing us with some additional information. We came to discover that Alice is actually owned by the elderly man’s (the one “housing” Alice) daughter. She showed Scott Bennett from Southern Comfort Animal Rescue the purchase papers, which indicated that she had paid $500 for […]

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Can you help Alice – the dog in the box???

We were horrified to read about Alice, a 6-year old female Pit Bull from Toombs County, Georgia. She came to the attention of rescuers in January after they found her living in a small, disgusting box, completely disregarded by a man who told authorities that he was taking care of the dog for his son-in-law […]

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Animal Hoarding

Hoarding has become a common term over the past year, with television shows popping up on nearly every network documenting this disorder and how it can destroy someone’s life and home. One type of hoarding is animal hoarding, which is featured in the Animal Planet show Confessions: Animal Hoarding. We’ve seen news stories about animal […]

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To Michael Vick from Leslie, Abby and Zoey

Mr. Vick, Congrats on getting signed to the Philadelphia Eagles.  I find it ironic that you were signed to a team that has an endangered species as its mascot but clearly the Eagles are willing to give you a second chance.  I, however, am not.  Nor, do I think anybody else should and I will […]

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