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An In-Depth Look at What’s Going On In Pennsylvania

This article does an excellent job of summarizing the work that animal rights organizations are doing in Pennsylvania, home to many of the U.S.’ puppy mills. The focus is largely on Main Line Animal Rescue a group that is at the center of the effort to compel officials to better enforce the laws the state […]

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Progress… Oklahoma-Style

By many estimates, Oklahoma is second only to Missouri in number of puppy mills.  Positive regulatory changes become effective in November, but in the meantime, authorities are stepping up their efforts to curb the worst practitioners by all legal means possible.  This is the happy next step to a horrible story from earlier this year […]

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Animal Hoarding

Hoarding has become a common term over the past year, with television shows popping up on nearly every network documenting this disorder and how it can destroy someone’s life and home. One type of hoarding is animal hoarding, which is featured in the Animal Planet show Confessions: Animal Hoarding. We’ve seen news stories about animal […]

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Sariel’s Story

Zoey would like to introduce you to Sariel.  Sariel was recently rescued from a large-scale dog breeding facility in Nebraska where she was found in very poor condition due to years of neglect and over breeding.   The following paragraph contains information from a blog written by Hearts United for Animals (HUA), the organization that […]

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10 Reasons Not To Buy a Pet Store Puppy

Behavior Problems Anyone? Puppy Mills are widely frowned upon by most dog-lovers but what many people across the country do not realize is that buying a dog at a pet store can mean that they are actually buying puppies that come from puppy mills. Buying a puppy at a pet store runs the risk of […]

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Horrifying Facts: What summer heat can do to dogs left alone in parked cars!

Heat waves have struck many parts of the country over the past couple of weeks and consequently, there have been a rising number of reports involving dogs suffering and even dying of heatstroke as a result of being left alone in parked cars. Leaving a dog, or any pet for that matter, abandoned in a car […]

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