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Airline’s Puppy Deaths Spark Debate about Commercial Breeders

Many people are becoming more aware of the sad reality that pet store puppies often come from large puppy mills and are opting for other ways of purchasing puppies but what people are less aware of, are the ways in which large commercial breeders are beginning to use online sources in order to place puppies […]

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Beware of Breeders Selling Online!

These days, we buy everything online… electronics, clothing, even produce!  The puppy industry has taken advantage of this, as thousands of puppies are sold over the internet.  Popular sites make it easy to search for a desired breed, age, gender, and color.  If you fork over the money, the puppy can be on a plane […]

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I’m shocked… a puppy mill… in my hometown?!!

So I am cruising around looking at different websites and surveying USDA inspection reports for dog breeders. A website here has a list of breeders in a few southern states along with their inspection reports. I guess Tulsa World ranked the worst dealers and breeders in Oklahoma and provides you with the “winners.” I look […]

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Kennel Spotlight – Horrendous Moral Equivalency

In a prior post, I provided a bit of insight into the “fine people” who run the Kennel Spotlight website. A look through its archives unearthed some more instances of good logic and out there thought processes. The article I’m referencing below was written fairly recently. “Act Now.” I’m not quite sure where or which […]

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