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To all of our Fans around the world we say….

THANK YOU! Represented below is how we want to say thank you to all our fans around the world in your native language.  Our sincerest thank-you’s as today ZoeyStory on Facebook reached 5,000 fans (or likes)!  This has been a goal for ZoeyStory and Protected Paws for quite some time so we wanted to say […]

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2010 in our review mirror

We were reminded by a dear friend’s recent Facebook Post about all that can be accomplished in 12 short months.  So, we have decided to remind everyone about what has taken place at ZoeyStory in 2011.  A very hearty thanks to all who helped us!  There is no way we could have done this without […]

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Animal Hoarding

Hoarding has become a common term over the past year, with television shows popping up on nearly every network documenting this disorder and how it can destroy someone’s life and home. One type of hoarding is animal hoarding, which is featured in the Animal Planet show Confessions: Animal Hoarding. We’ve seen news stories about animal […]

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Where do we focus our attention pet stores vs. puppy mills?

Our hope is that anyone who’s reading this blog agrees with us that puppy mills are insidious and that every day they’re in business is one extra day too many.  So, how do we best stop them?  The answer is obviously not easy, and begs a clear and discrete strategy. We have friends and acquaintances […]

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