To Michael Vick from Leslie, Abby and Zoey

Sack VickMr. Vick,

Congrats on getting signed to the Philadelphia Eagles.  I find it ironic that you were signed to a team that has an endangered species as its mascot but clearly the Eagles are willing to give you a second chance.  I, however, am not.  Nor, do I think anybody else should and I will explain why.

You will be getting paid 1.6 million for your first year; followed by a possible second year meager 5.2 million.  I was disgusted with you and the NFL last month when they reinstated you.  I sat on pins and needles hoping that no team would have you.  As a NFL player you will be a role model to many children.  As I type this they are trying to push you into the EA Sports Madden Football Game, last minute.  Oh lord, how could we not have a game minus the DOG KILLER?

I think you are a disgusting person who should not be allowed the privilege to play football for the NFL.  As a reminder, your federal indictment which clearly the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL forgot to look over included the following details:

-When your home was raided their were 65 dogs on your property with the majority being pitbulls.  Your carpets were stained with blood.

-You had a “rape stand” in order to restrain the females to breed your good fighting pitts for your lovely Bad Newz Kennel.

– When your dogs didn’t perform good enough for you in test matches you routinely killed them through drowning, hanging, electrocution and per the indictment by slamming a dog against the concrete (you did this 8 times).  Shouldn’t you really be taking out all that aggression on the football field instead of defenseless animals that you have trained to be killers?

– The indictment detailed a specific 2003 incident in which one of your dogs lost a match and you responded by “wetting her down and electrocuting her” in front of your friends.  You are one sick bastard.

Mr. Vick, I fear that you have gotten off easy.  You did 18 months for a two year sentence.  While on parole you were on house arrest and required to work.  You got a construction job at $10/hour and couldn’t handle it.  You reached out to the Boys and Girls Club indicating that you were committed to “give back” to those who had helped you and gotten you started in football as a kid.

Mr. Vick, your parole ended on July 20th and you resigned from the Boys and Girls Club on July 17th.  What happened to that commitment to the kids to this amazing organization that got you started in your multi-million dollar career?  As soon as you didn’t have to hold down a job you dumped it and all those kids you had become a role model for (God help them).  What is scary to me Mr. Vick is that you were making soooooo much money.  You were not doing the dogfighting for money.  You were doing it because you enjoyed it as entertainment.  You liked seeing dogs tear each other to shreds right in front of you.  You salivated at the power you had to take another dog’s life who didn’t perform for you that day.  Their were hundreds of dogs tortured, abused, fought and killed at your hands when they had a bad game day.  I wonder how the Eagles fans will treat you if you have one?

L, A, &  Z

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  1. Stacy
    Posted February 22, 2011 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    I agree whole-heartedly. The dogs of Bad Newz Kennels have to ‘prove’ themselves to be ‘good citizens’ through rigourous trainings and tests. And Vick? Oh, he just gets to serve a little time and go back to making his millions. What a mockery of a judicial system we have.

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