Way to go AMVA!

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AMVA) has developed a model bill and regulations that aims to protect animals that are bred and sold as pets.  Dr. Gail Golab, director of the AMVA Animal Welfare Division said, “This is an opportunity for AMVA to display leadership on an emerging animal welfare issue.  The model bill and regulations are a comprehensive alternative to some of the less well-considered bills we are seeing around the country.”

The Model Bill and Regulations to Assure Appropriate Care for Dogs Intended for Use as Pets can be viewed here: http://www.avma.org/advocacy/state/issues/Care_for_Dogs_Model_Act_and_Regulations.pdf

We’ve compiled some highlights of its contents for you below:

  • Any person licensed or subject to inspection by the USDA is exempt.
  • A breeder or retailer will not be issued a license if he or she has pled no contest or has been found to have violated any Federal, State or local laws or regulations pertaining to animal cruelty within 1 year of application, or more than 1 year if the licensing board or agency determines the circumstances render the applicant unfit to be licensed.
  • Licenses may be revoked for serious, repeated, or multiple violations to any of the provisions in the Act or its regulations.
  • Once a license is revoked, the breeder or retailer must wait 1 year before applying for a new license.  The facility or operation must remain closed during this time.
  • Licensees must maintain accurate and detailed records for each animal for at least 5 years
  • Dog housing must have at least partial solid flooring.  Nonsolid flooring must be designed so that the paw of the dog is unable to extend through or become caught in the flooring.
  • Housing must include shelter that provides protection from harmful extremes of temperature, air movement, moisture, light and other climatic elements.
  • Feces and food wastes must be removed at least once daily.
  • Food and water receptacles shall be cleaned daily.
  • Dogs must be provided with positive human contact at least one daily excluding feeding time
  • Each dog should have the opportunity to achieve a running stride at least once daily to develop proper muscle tone and mass.  This should happen outside of the primary enclosure if there is insufficient space there.
  • Each dog’s health and welfare is to be assessed daily.

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  1. Posted October 27, 2010 at 11:11 am | Permalink

    I have a few things to say… Why is it that people ACT as if they are so concerned about animals and they only cry about the “cruelty” afflicted on dogs primarily, yet none of them seem to shed a tear about how their steak, pork chop and chicken comes to their plate.. If you think that these dogs are treated inhumanely, then you should see the “abuse” that cattle, swine and poultry goes through before it gets killed to put on your plate… The real difference? People don’t give a crap about WHAT we have to do to feed their fat bellies, but their doggies sit on their lap and for SOME reason, that makes the “farming of dogs” someone how “immoral or inhumane” than poultry, livestock or swine farming… I LOVE my dogs…I do rescues, but I never forget that they are animals even as much as I like to think that they are my children.. If you and God loves the animals of the world all the same, I can’t tell it by your actions.. The love you feel for your porkchop or steak isn’t the same kind of “love” that you feel for your doggie is it? NON VEGAN here.. My point is, how do you think that you can make people that “farm” (in all essence they are all farmers) dogs have to live up to a different set of “ethics and humane laws” as you can any other type of “animal farming”… Do you get my point? WE may think that our dog is a “special species” and somehow deserves better treatment that other “farm animals”, but do they REALLY?.. Its all about perspective… Many countries prize their cows, horses and other animals and think that we, the United States are the culprit because we “slaughter cattle”.. .. And my finish.. How are you going to make laws that are applicable to only ONE sector of animal farming that is not applicable to all without having major lawsuits and infringing on SOME ANIMAL FARMERS constitutionally guaranteed rights… The law in itself would be biased against that one sector of farming… I wish all people would love all animals the same and treat them all the same and all laws would be uniform.. The problem is, MEAT EATERS / non vegans do not believe that there is anything wrong with MURDERING YOUR PIG OR COW to put in out your plate, but they get FRANTIC if a dog even gets a little dirty. Maybe the whole thing is outside of my realm of understanding, because I certainly cannot understand how any animal law for one species could legally be upheld and made applicable for that ONE SPECIES ONLY.. Maybe the vegans should be able to shut down all of the poultry, cattle and equine farms… How would you people feel about that? I bet MOST of you would have a FIT and call them NUTZZZ if they did that… Let it sink in…

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