What does 4 MILLION look like?

There are 4,000,000 puppies bred in puppy mills each year!

I really tried to get my head around exactly what four million puppies would look like.

These 4 million puppies wind up in pet stores, with brokers, online and being bred over and over again. Here’s what I found:

-The population for Puerto Rico, Kentucky and Oregon combined was approximately 4 million in 2009

-The population of Manhattan, Staten Island and the Bronx is approximately 4 million (have you ever been in NYC w/all the people?)

-The amount of money Tiger Woods would make if he won the grand slam.  This of course does not include sponsorships

-The amount of money Kobe Bryant spent on Vanessa’s 8-Carat Purple Diamond ring post Colorado romp

-The number of online shoppers per minute on Cyber Monday 2009

-The number of followers Ashton Kutcher has on twitter

-The number of snuggies sold since their invention (even before the leopard and zebra ones)

-The number of “junk, solicitation” phone calls made each day in the USA

-4 million pennies would be 9.2 tons or what 18,600 pounds!

-The amount of fans in the Big House (U of M) on any given game day times x 40

Hmmm, what does 4 million look like exactly? Let me think....

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